What’s in a name?

The Meaning of Kairos Collaborative:

Kairos is the transliteration of an ancient Greek word (καιρός) for “time”. Perhaps it is less familiar than its synonym chronos (χρόνος), which has the connotation of chronological time (seconds, minutes, hours, and so on). In contrast to chronos, kairos connotes the fullness of time, an opportune moment. This is the origin of our tagline: time for positive change. We view this first half of the 21st century to be just such a moment, a time when we can choose a path of compassion and empathy to lead us toward a world in which everyone thrives.

Collaborative is both an adjective, describing works of collaboration, and a noun, groups of people working together toward common goals. We use this word to capture both the content and the process of our work together. 

Kairos Collaborative etymology diagram

Together is better than alone.