Todd Porter

I want to live in a world where where empathy, beauty, and love overflow for every human being. What does that look like?
In the world I’m longing for:

everyone who’s hungry has good food to eat,
everyone who’s thirsty has clean water to drink (and also good coffee),
everyone who’s tired has a safe place to rest,
everyone who’s lonely has a place to belong, and
everyone who’s sick has a way to receive healing.

In this kind of world, we are free to see the potential in everyone we meet and help draw that potential into reality through authentic relationships. I’m convinced that our world is designed for that kind of thriving existence. But I also know we get to choose whether to live in harmony with that design or to oppose it.

Kairos Collaborative is part of my effort to live out these convictions. It could change the world, right? Here’s what I’ve learned so far about changing the world:

Start where you are

My professional career has focused on optimizing the energy performance of commercial buildings, applying technology, and developing people (see my LinkedIn Profile for details). At this point in time, however, I’m getting the sense that it’s time to put all that experience into practice improving life for other people. Father Rohr describes this as the work of the second half of life. I’m a citizen of the United States living in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. This is the geographical context for my life at the moment, so if I’m going get to work changing the world, that’s where it will start: with my own heart and my little corner of the world outside Fort Worth, Texas.

Work with what you have


Make friends of who you meet


Share the journey