Todd Miechiels

Todd Miechiels is the leader of The 3:15 Project, which exists to help people know and share their stories. He’s partnered with Kairos Collaborative to help capture the stories of our work and help us share those stories with the world. What follows is his description of this work and how he got started with it.

In 2005, at age 35, I gave my life to Christ, I was tired of trying to live according to my plans and purposes.

In 2010, I got yanked out of the marketplace after receiving a deep and clear calling from God.

My mission is to help more followers of Christ have the opportunity to share their personal story of how God has impacted their lives on video. God can then use those videos for His purposes leveraging social media and the internet.

As people learn their stories and muster up the courage to share, they grow in humility, and intimacy with God and those around them.

As those stories are captured on video and made available on the internet. Those same people share Jesus with more people in 30 days than most people will in their entire lives.

The vision is that the local Church would have lay leaders and volunteers launch a ministry within their church and community to help people know and share their story with excellence and reverence.

I do this every day by doing for one what I wish we could do for all, and praying and trusting that God will bring the people who can help in His timing.

If you’d like to help me I can use prayer, funding, and connections to pastors and lay people who are passionate about:

1) leading people into a growing relationship with Christ
2) building stronger communities of believers
3) sharing Jesus with others with gentleness and respect