the equity project

Creating Work that Enriches Life

The Equity Project establishes the incubation infrastructure for worker-owned cooperative businesses in North Texas. These business provide the means to break cycles of poverty in neighborhoods with limited opportunity. In addition to making a living wage, worker-owners learn to run the business and build ownership equity as they work. They share in both the labor and the wealth that it generates.

Models for cooperative business development abound: The Mondragon Corporation, Evergreen Cooperatives, Cincinnati Union Co-op Initiative, and US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, to name a few. However, options for worker-owned cooperatives are rare in North Texas and currently no organizations in Texas focus on co-op development. This project is to establish such an organization, which will then incubate the first of many new co-ops. These new businesses will then provide opportunity for meaningful work, income, training, and career growth for those currently left out of the economy. In the long term, co-ops started by the Equity Project will help fund its ongoing operation.

Meaningful work that pays a living wage and offers opportunity for growth, development, promotion, and wealth-building contributes to a community environment in which human beings can thrive. This yields positive benefits for education, health, and public safety.


Featured image: Working (cc) Flickr User pops