Missional Wisdom Foundation logoKairos Collaborative works in partnership with the Missional Wisdom Foundation on community projects with philanthropic funding. More information is available on the Missional Wisdom Foundation web site

The Missional Wisdom Foundation (MWF) is an independent 501.c3 organization that stands at the fulcrum between spiritual tradition and innovation. The MWF is centered in a life of contemplation and lived out within a community of experimentation and education. To be missional is to be sent out, and to have wisdom it to have experience rooted in struggle. The MWF is sent out with neighbors to neighborhoods, to seminaries, to churches, and to whomever you are sent out to. Wisdom comes from the collected experience of community, shared and shaped by an ethos of love, safety, and acceptance.

Through thoughtful intentionality and a willingness to learn through trying, the MWF provides space, resources, and support to those seeking ways to explore new paradigms for the deep work of developing spiritual community.