Shift Happens: a Participatory Game to Explore Whether Americans Can Join Forces to Combat Common Problems

For the first time in the known universe, we’ll mix equal parts TED talk, game show, and roundtable discussion to explore the out-of-this-world possibility that progress toward solving some of our most vexing problems might lie in our ability to connect with one another.

This experience is free for participants thanks to The Dialogue Company and Kairos Collaborative. Our goals for this session include:

  • Creating fun and laughter for participants
  • Humanizing people on the other side of the ideological divide
  • Demonstrating that there is more common ground on issues than may be readily apparent
  • Educating people about the four asteroids
  • Introducing people to rudimentary dialogue skills

Social psychologist and moral philosopher Jonathan Haidt observes a number of issues that pose existential threats to human societies. Haidt describes them as “asteroids” because in the movies, people often unite across divides in response to civilization-ending threats – such as asteroids.

This 90-minute experience is designed for 40 to 60 participants, representing conservative and liberal perspectives in equal number. The game will involve several different modalities:

  • Keypad polling to establish who is present
  • Short presentations of public issues,
    • National debt
    • Family Deterioration
    • Inequality
    • Climate Change
  • Polling questions on relevant facts within topic, designed foster audience humility
  • Open discussion lead by moderator

Dr. David Campt is the founder of The Dialogue Company. This is the final session in Weaving Threads of Community: a series of keynotes, workshops, and experiences to connect US.