Three things I keep reminding myself

I had the chance to share an afternoon with some kindred spirits last week. That kind of conversation is always refreshing and, sometimes, discouraging as we idealists often face similar challenges. Those challenges often arise in the course of doing work that is good and necessary, but now well funded in our current economic system. Thinking about that reality led me back to three things I believe, but often forget about.

  1. There is more than enough money in the world to do all the good I can imagine (and more!). It’s just all occupied doing other things at the moment.
  2. We (in the US) live in an economic system that is exceptionally effective at redistributing money.
  3. We can use this property of our financial system to redistribute money toward equity and generosity instead of just leaving it to run its natural, extractive operation.

Easy as 1,2,3, right? Of course not, that’s why I have to keep reminding myself about it! Think you might like to join in figuring out ways to make this kind of thing happen, log into Facebook and join the Capitalism for Good discussion group.